He’s thin, hazel colored (gray about manga) eyes which have cat-such as for instance pupils that produce him are available sneaky and you may overwhelming

He’s thin, hazel colored (gray about manga) eyes which have cat-such as for instance pupils that produce him are available sneaky and you may overwhelming

Physical appearance

Kuroo are noted to get extreme and you can lean with wider arms, well-situated hands, and you may a beneficial muscular figure. Their black locks are definitely dirty and you can surges right up on account of his bed head. He also has an edge on their right-side you to partially discusses their eyes. As a result of his unusual hair style, they are occasionally called “Rooster Lead”.

Kuroo is normally seen sporting a black colored clothing, red-colored sweatpants, therefore the Nekoma Highest jacket. Throughout the certified suits, the guy wears the latest Nekoma consistent numbered with the no. 1.


Kuroo keeps a set-back yet , scheming identification and is considered http://www.datingranking.net an effective “provocation expert” by many [1] . However actively induce someone else that is unrelenting whenever dishing out snide opinions. This can be displayed in the manner he angers Tsukishima if first-seasons blocker was able a beneficial nonchalant ideas into the volleyball in summer education go camping. Yet not, Kuroo is kinder and much more genuine than their additional photo conveys. Shortly after recognizing he has overstepped a line, Kuroo seeks away and apologizes to Daichi regarding the provocation. Afterwards, demonstrating you to definitely as he was a “provocation expert,” sportsmanship remains crucial that you him [1] . The guy and additionally cares and you will areas his elderly mentor, Yasufumi Nekomata, tremendously, sufficient to let Karasuno increase to meet Nekomata’s desire fighting up against one another within nationals a reality.

According to Kenma, Kuroo was a bashful and you can withdrawn child just who earliest went for the his neighborhood when he is seven yrs . old [2] . He was quiet in front of strangers and you may uncomfortable to Kenma at first, despite the a few being close-in years. Both of them bonded more than video games and finally skilled volleyball together. Reduced, Kuroo began to emerge from his shell given that one or two had increasingly mixed up in recreation. He turned into a significantly higher and you may active individual, produced the latest family in school, and come fun to tackle soccer on almost every other children.

Kuroo is even been shown to be an extremely observant and you may intuitive people regarding both volleyball and other people. Although a child, he was very aware of Kenma’s hushed, taken identification, along with the feeling to not drag your off to carry out one thing new guy didn’t have any fun into the carrying out [2] . Inside the suits, his mindful characteristics because the a heart blocker turns out to be really dangerous having Nekoma’s opponents. The guy rapidly music off and you can assesses all the circulate of one’s spikers, allowing your to put on a successful take off and destroy the newest momentum of the face-to-face team.

To their teammates, Kuroo are an established, solid chief, often guilty of lifting the morale of your team when they was effect off having fun with sneaky quips. He generally seems to derive thrills regarding up against strong opponents and you can covers his frustration which have clear smirks and you will boisterous reviews, whilst scheming techniques to fall apart brand new opposite cluster.

Even with seeming sly and you may cool on the exterior, Kuroo and has now an unusual top which is toward monitor when he devices call at noisy ridiculous humor and you will partcipates in frivolous talk which have Bokuto [3] . Kuroo including appears to often select themselves much more from an enthusiastic old man or people merely per year or two younger than just him given that students, as the revealed as he proclaims “Ah, youth” just after enjoying Inuoka and Hinata and you may talking to Tsukishima [4] .


Doing 8 yrs old, Kuroo moved next-door to help you Kenma together with his family members, and therefore consisted of their dad and grand-parents. Assuming he was remaining by yourself, however see Kenma’s house rather. He was detailed to get shyer plus withdrawn than just Kenma, therefore, the a couple of had a hard time learning for each and every almost every other [2] .

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